Protect is Australia's leading industry severance scheme with more than 30,000 members
and 1,200 participating employers

How do I join Protect?

How do I join Protect?

To join Protect you must work for an employer that has an industrial agreement, such as an enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) that sets out your pay and conditions. One of the negotiated conditions must be the provision of either severance or income protection contributions.

When your employer pays severance and/or income protection insurance contributions to us on your behalf, in accordance with your certified industrial agreement, we register them as a Protect employer and you as a Protect member under their account.

What contributions are paid on my behalf?

Severance or income protection contribution amounts, differ for Protect members working under different agreements. Contact your employer to access your workplace agreement, or search via the Fair Work Commission website

Can I join Protect myself?

As an employer based fund, you must be registered with a Protect contributing employer to become a member.

Protect welcome packs

Within three weeks of your employer registering you under their account, you will receive a Protect welcome pack that includes your membership card and information about our services.

Your welcome pack will also contain instructions for registering yourself for online account access. Call us on 1300 344 249 and we will SMS or email you your user name and password.

Once registered, you can access your Protect account at any time by
logging in via our home page.The same log in details will give you access to the Protect phone app

Download the Protect phone app:

Online access enables you to:

  • View your account balance and account type
  • View employer severance and/or income protection insurance contributions to your account
  • View severance claims paid to you from your account
  • Make a severance claim
  • Update your contact details including address, email, and phone number

For any assistance with accessing your online account, please call us on 1300 344 249.